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Resistance Bands - What Yoda Can Teach You About Accomplishing Your Fitness Goals

Do you remember how Luke Skywalker was determined to become a Jedi Knight and in fact sequestered himself out in the remote reaches of the swamp simply so he could concentrate on his training and develop his skills? Now, hear me out ... I'm not stating that you have to remove yourself from civilization acquire the physical condition that you want.

I'm suggesting that you model his focus - his single-minded, laser-targeted focus that he had for his objectives. In order for him to complete what he wished to do, he worked on improving every day, he practiced and he practiced and did things he thought were unnecessary just because his mentor, Yoda requested him to.

And you know what? It worked just like Yoda said.

Why? Because he showed up.

That's it. You just have to show up every day. If you're looking to get healthier, get in shape, reduce weight, do better as an athlete, whatever it is that you're looking to complete ... you have to show up each day.

Now, what do I suggest by "show up"?

To improve your fitness level and prolong your life and make it more satisfying while you're living it, you need to be physically active every day. And you have to mix it up in between strength and cardio routines. Everyone seems to pretty much have the cardio side of things figured out, but as far as the strength training side of the formula goes, not so much.

Strength training is not something you have to be daunted by. If you're intimidated by the weight equipment or dumbbells/barbells and the special technique needed to use them, have no fear. You're in luck.

Bear Bands resistance loops are simple to utilize, efficient at developing your strength without wrecking your joints, lightweight, portable, inexpensive and fun. You even get complimentary training on ways to use them when you get a set - you'll find them on Amazon. Just look up Bear Bands Resistance Loops

Wanna see how easy they are to utilize? Watch the video - Luke and Anakin and Darth will reveal to you their secrets. However, pay no mind to Chewbacca - he's just looking for attention :)