How to Care for and Maintain a Pocket Chainsaw

Pocket chainsaws have become a popular survival tool. If you have one in your prep stash, glove compartment or tackle box (or one in each), it's important to know how to keep your pocket chainsaw clean and lubricated to insure a long service life.

Here's a video from TheBlindSquirl that shows how to deploy, clean and lubricate, then pack up and secure, your pocket chainsaw so that it's always there and always ready to cut some wood.

Check out the other videos in TheBlindSquirl YouTube Channel for more tips on getting the most out of your 11 Bravo Pocket Chainsaw. There are even videos showing a woman and an 11 year old boy cutting wood with a pocket chainsaw, demonstrating that you don't have to be a "Paul Bunyan" type to use one of these saws.

If you're interested in purchasing the exact saw shown in the videos, simply go to Amazon and search for "11 Bravo Pocket Chainsaw". Ask for it by name.