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Better Blending Set - Five Foundation Sponges for Precise Blending

As lots of women and teens do every day we use several various personal care and makeup products to our face and body. And while it's ended up being simpler to discover organic and safe beauty products, I never really thought about the tools that we use to use those products and whether they were safe to use.

When my daughter ended up being interested in makeup she had an interest in the latest patterns and wanted to use the cool brand-new products offered. Obviously she liked the enjoyable shapes and colors of the makeup mixing sponges that were offered, however I had not been prepared to invest $20+ for one makeup sponge and I likewise wanted to make sure they were toxin-free.

After taking a look at the options for makeup sponges, I recognized they were either high priced or I was not sure of their active ingredients. We couldn't discover what we were looking for, so we chose to produce a collection ourselves.

We check our sponges ensuring they're made from medical grade hydrophilic foam that is certified to be devoid of BPAs, Heavy Metals and skin Irritants. We picked the very best shapes that we think will assist you produce a perfect, natural skin tone and included an enjoyable cosmetics bag to store them in.

You can acquire them on our site the LuxBeautyShoppe website or you can get them on Amazon + (Free Delivering with Prime).

We hope that you and your daughters take pleasure in Spongelux the much better blender set and the understanding that we have actually checked these to be safe and non-irritating to delicate skin.

Best Wishes,
Shannon & Sofia


100% Toxic substance Free - The Spongelux Story

For years we didn't think about how our makeup sponges were made until one day we heard a news report about the chemicals that enter into producing makeup sponges. So we set out to do two things. FIRST - We wanted to check and accredit our sponges were 100% devoid of contaminants. Second we wanted to make them cost effective for everyone.

There's numerous inexpensiveknock-offs out there it's really difficult to tell which might consist of led, mercury, PBAs or other chemicals. Our company believe that our daughters should have much better and think the remainder of the world will agree, your makeup blenders should not aggravate your skin.

It took months of research study to discover a maker capable of producing our sponges. After several incorrect starts we finally discovered one who accepted our examinations and the stringent lab testing. They share our vision and think it is good company to produce sponges that go beyond US and EU security requirements and toxicology tests. Our blenders are made from medical grade hydrophilic foam with antimicrobial homes, which hinder germs and mold.

After checking lots of prototype designs we chose five certain shapes for their unique application advantages.

SECOND-We understood that there was no way it cost$20 to make a sponge.

It was obvious that the primary brand charged$20 for a single sponge to fund the marketing hype. We chose to get rid of the hype and even with our costly testing we discovered that we might still provide 5x the sponges and package them in a trendy cosmetic bag. With 100% cash back satisfaction guarantee, you can join our pleased family of Customers who appreciate what they place on their skin -knowing that we have actually checked and continue to check every batch.

Include it to your cart and please let us know what you think!

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/The-Better-Blender-Set-California/dp/B01B8JJJ8U/Beauty Blender/