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Elsterware's Vibrant Non-Stick Springform Pan for Baking Cakes

I was searching for a springform pan to bake cakes and this baking tin is just what I was hoping for! I found it on Amazon and glad I did. It is incredibly well built with high quality non-stick coating and the color is a nice touch! The lid acts like a plastic container to keep the dessert fresh without having to use plastic wrap or aluminum foil. This is great to prevent a mess while driving. Also included on the lid was a carrying handle for easy delivery to our church's potluck.

My wife baked a cookie ice cream cake. Now I have to give her SOME credit for being a good baker but the dish turned out incredible. The non-stick liner held up to its end of the bargain with no sticking whatsoever on the inside of the springform pan. It was very simple to just un-clip the sides and the dish was available without having to dig it out with a knife. Also worth mentioning, there was zero leaking from the sides while she poured the batter into the pan.

Overall, we were very excited with this product. The quality is great, baking was completely simple, and the dish came out perfectly cooked! We're already talking about purchasing another one in the future. I might even have a go and try baking something up, it is almost dummy proof! I'd certainly purchase this for someone needing a better pan for some great baking.

Find out more at amazon.com/Springform-Cheesecake-Elsterware-Quick-Clean-Masterpiece/dp/B010MAINJW/Springform Pan/


Elsterware's 10 inch Springform Pan

Ensure Your Finest Kitchen Skills are Revealed to Showcase a Culinary Masterpiece!

- Are you tired of buying baking pans that won't hold their shape after being in the oven?
- Do you wish you hadn't bought that leaky pan that left a huge mess in the oven?
- Wouldn't it be nice to have more of a bright variety of pans to showcase your favorite meals?
- Don't you prefer to know you are buying the springform pan you want as it's advertised?

With Elsterware products you can trust you are buying the incredible product you need!

- Designed to always hold its shape during cooking without any of the non-stick coating falling off!
- This pan includes a spring clip allowing for simple pan separation to start enjoying your dessert right away!
- These colors will differentiate it from those other boring grey pans in your neighbor's kitchens!
- Amazon Buyers Trust the Elsterware Brand knowing we provide the best quality products.

Backed with Our Two Year Warrantee for a FREE Springform Pan Replacement!

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