Best Wine Iceless Chiller With 5 Bonus Items

This is one of the very best wine Chilling rods I have actually ever used. I like drinking wine, reds, whites, even champagnes but I really cannot stand when my beverage gets warm. Particularly on a beautiful summertime day so I decided to go online and look for a great solution.

After I searched for a while I found the Vita Bene Wine Chiller set on Amazon. I loved that this set had more than simply the wine chiller, it also included a foil cutter, corkscrew, aerator, pourer and a beautiful e-book.

I really liked that it can be found in a great gift box so that I might offer it as a gift if I had wanted.

So far this chiller stick has had the ability to keep all my wines at the perfect temperature without developing any mess.

additionally its manufactured with FDA approved food grade stainless steel for the best safety.

I would recommend this set for any wine fan.


Premium Wine Chiller kit Includes:
• FDA Food-Grade stainless steel chiller stick
• BPA Free; No Mess Wine pourer and Aerator (To assist wine breathe and open up)
• Foil Cutter (Prior to removing the cork, any foil seal covering the cork must be gotten rid of initially.

Our useful foil cutter comes included making the job fast and simple.)
• Famous Waiters Corkscrew with bottle screw and mini knife.
• Wine e-book for your favorite wine enthusiast to take pleasure in.
• Stunning storage boxAdd This Tool to Your Kitchen Now!
• Triple wall insulated iceless chilling stick will keep wine chilled for up to an hour.
• Aerator instantly opens your wine to breathe rapidly <
• No mess or drips using our trademarked pourer with ribbed stopper
• LIFETIME GUARANTEE Makes The Perfect Gift Set For Any Occasion.

How To Use:
• Use in your fridge for twenty minutes to 1 hour.
• Attach the Aerator/Pourer to steel base
• Place in any conventional bottle (Red, Rose, White, Champagne, Prosecco and more).
• Pour wine into glass without any mess or drips LIFETIME GUARANTEE! FULFILLMENT GUARANTEED!
• Suits all conventional wine bottles and keeps wine chilled for an hour or longer.
• 100 % BPA-Free Plastic and FDA Authorized ICELESS wine chiller
• Easy to make use of, dismantle and clean.
• Will not change the taste of your wines or drinks
• Includes 4 pieces in set, e-book & storage box.

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