pHat 5.5 Psoriasis Scrub Is Fantastic For Sensitive Skin

Psoriasis affects approximately 7.5 million people in America. This common, yet complex skin problem can often be hard to handle. Psoriasis is extremely sensitive to the products put on the skin. Subsequently people with this condition need to be extremely mindful of this when purchasing skin care products. For decades I have been looking for a suitable skin scrub that will purify my skin without irritating psoriasis symptoms.

The physicians I have been to about my skin problem recommended steroid based products. These are bad to use long term and leave my skin feeling too dry. I have attempted different natural options but absolutely nothing has worked efficiently. That was up until I found pHat 5.5 Psoriasis Scrub.

This is a remarkable product. The pHat 5.5 Psoriasis Scrub includes no parabens, sulfates or added fragrances which can substantially aggravate delicate skin. Rather this exfoliator uses plant extracts and superfoods such as Manuka Honey, Aloe Vera, Bilberry, Orange Peel Oil, Walnut Shell Powder, and Cehami. This is a natural soap alternative that will efficiently gently cleanse, hydrate and nurture the skin.

I like the fact that the pHat 5.5 Psoriasis Scrub is pH balanced. This means that it assists your skin to return to a healthy natural state. This can aid to heal and repair the skin. After utilizing this product for a number of weeks my skin problem has improved substantially and psoriasis is less of a concern for me. If you are looking for an exceptional exfoliator that can work magic on delicate skin, this product is the ideal choice.


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