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Cool New Product: Ambient Solar Powered String Lights Set from PTP Direct

I was recently searching for a way to add lighting to my backyard and browsed Amazon for some ambient lighting options. The solar powered products seemed appealing to me because no plug is needed (in turn no additional cash required) and they are obviously better environmentally as well.

The solar string lights seemed to be a good fit, but I was only finding colorful lights and I wanted something I could use all year long instead of just Christmas. Then I discovered a listing for the PTP Direct Solar LED String Lights in a warm white color. This looked like a ideal find and the reviews were really good, so I decided to buy them.

I got the product very quickly and was shocked that the lights had battery power right out of the box! The solar lights even worked for multiple hours into the night! I switched the power off the next day and put the panel and stake into direct sun. That night, I tried to use the solar lights again, and they still worked! I've been doing the same every day for the past 2 months and these solar lights work exactly liked I hoped for!

I just wanted to post a quick endorsement to express how thrilled I am with this set of string lights.

Thanks PTP Direct! Great product!!! 5 STARS!.

Learn more at http://www.amazon.com/Powered-String-Lights-Indoor-Outdoor/dp/B01EPEKC0E/string lights/


Add Mood to Your Patio with These Warm White Solar Power String Lights

Attractive Solar String Lights Will Add Mood Lighting to Your Backyard or Garden

- Waterproof string lights able to get through the elements of outdoor use.
- Steady/Blinking switches make it so that you can change the ambiance depending on the event.
- Use inside or outside on your patio, lawn, bushes, or garden to improve the mood.

New solar technology for consumer products converts sunlight to the LED lights with no plug required

Do you want to illuminate your back yard but no plug is close? No annoying extension cords or power needed here! These solar charged decorative LED lights will set the mood and all without a plug!

Alter the feeling of your home or patio with these lovely solar LED lights
- 30 LED globe string lights will set the mood for any time you entertain - perfect for Christmas!
- Powerful battery life (up to 6-8 hours on a full charge) provides light most or all of the night
- Easy to use with minimal setup and ON/OFF & MODE buttons for fool-proof powering and changing of light settings

Try this product with no worries! The manufacturer of this product, PTP Direct, offers a no risk, no hassle return within 60 days policy and lifetime replacement guarantee.

Order the PTP Direct Solar Paneled Globe String Lights, Risk Free, Now!