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Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protector 5.5 inch for iPhone 6 Plus/iPhone 6S Plus - Transparent

0.33 mm ultra-thin film provides HD transparency, ensuring maximum resolution for Retina show as well as real touch sensitivity. (Please Note: NOT Edge to Edge, 100 % cover the FLAT surface area).

Oleophobic plating coat can easily separate oil, finger print and other stains from the glass, making it easy to clean up.

Tempered glass screen protector which is bubble free try it before someone else doesprovides screen protection from spot, bumps, water, drops, scrapes and marks.

This item is offered solely by Coolreall. Please buy from licensed Coolreall main seller so about take pleasure in real Coolreall products and outstanding customer support.

No-hassle Lifetime Service warranty.


The Secret of Not Needing to Purchase an iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus Once more

The very best iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus Screen Protector to Safeguard Your Financial investment

- Very Easy to Set up and Leaves No Bubbles
- Excellent quality and Durable Glass
- Ultra HD Clear Screen for Maximum Transparency
- Ultra Slim Design

Main Advantages

Our Glass Screen Protector is the very best option for your iPhone if you want to secure it and take pleasure in the slimline design. The most likely part of your phone to get damaged, is your screen. If you are protecting your screen with the Glass Screen Protector, then you may not even require a phone cover.

I likewise want to point out that the majority of the screen protectors out there; including ours, do not cover the screen from edge to edge. It is due to the fact that the iPhone 6 has actually curved edges. So we have actually developed the screen to fit the flat part of the front. Thus, it can stick appropriately and give you the very best visibility and the touch reaction. See the real size in our listing image.

Even if you have iPhone cover, I would still suggest that you apply a glass screen protector on your screen to secure it from getting scratched, split or broken. Due to the fact that it takes a second for something to happen and you can lose your financial investment. Or you will need to go through the headache of getting a new phone.

Features -

Our Ultra Slim Design is 21% slimmer than the average in the market. So it offers you much better visibility and much better responsive touch.
- 2.5 D Curved edge of the glass secures the glass from taking off by accidental touch.
- 9H Firmness secures the glass from scratches and it has the capability to take in the impact.
- Oleophobic covering secures the screen from finger prints and spots.

The iPhone 6 Screen Protector is Backed by a Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Warranty

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