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SpeakStick Waterproof Bluetooth Shower Speaker with Powerful 3W Speaker 2016 Style (Black).

If you like paying attention to music in the showers and you do not have any outlet, it appears a vague concept, unless you prepare to blast your speakers from the living room. Showers can be an uninteresting regimen, but if you have your preferred tunes in the background, it's like a relaxing, peaceful experience specifically when you are dipping into the tub. Today's generation and technology produced an option to this problem.

Wireless shower speakers are the 'in' thing today, which suggests you can take pleasure in showers, even for long hours with this device. You can simply listen or sing along, to your heart's desire! No one is listening anyway! The best thing is that due to the fact that it has a Bluetooth function, you can quickly connect it to your phone, iPad, or tablet for audio streaming or to your existing playlist. It also includes a forward, back, play, pause, and an up and down volume. Even more, you can use these amazing speakers not only in the bathroom, but also on the beach, swimming pool and be entertained. This device also includes a hands-free speakerphone and a built-in microphone, so you will never miss out on a vital call even if you are in the bathroom. The music will instantly stop when a call can be found in and resumes as soon as you finish the call. Isn't that fantastic? This one also has a kickstand for a perfect stand position, suction cups or a holster, if you want to hang it in the shower head. Normally, you can use it inside, outdoors; anywhere you want due to the fact that it is portable, easy to carry even when you are taking a trip. There are no unpleasant wires or bulky adapters to bring. The device is rechargeable or powered by 4AA batteries. Who would not like that?


"Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed
in this world, then it can only take place through music." Jimi Hendrix

Music is everything about liberty - set it complimentary
With the SpeakStick Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker you will
have the ability to release your music and take it with you anywhere
without any concerns from water, dust and accident fallings.

Unexpected powerful Speaker
With 3W 80dB speaker output you will be surprised how such a.
little speaker can produce such a strong and clear noise. We made.
sure the the best noise tech will be within this little speaker.

Why select the SpeakStick Bluetooth Speaker.
• IPX4 waterproof.
• Bluetooth & Wireless transmission.
• Integrated Microphone.
• High quality audio deciphering chip.
• Integrated charging Battery.
• Life time Guarantee.

Be a part of a very large neighborhood of music enthusiasts.
The SpeakStick brand is an incredibly popular brand in the US not only.
due to the fact that of it's high-end speakers but also due to the fact that it provides a phase.
to starting musicians and singers. We provide them an increase of inspiration.
and audience to share their remarkable music with the world.

TAKE THE MUSIC WITH YOU ANYWHERE- bathroom, sand beach, swimming pool,.
car, bedroom, wash room, kitchen, office, conference, business journey, getaway.

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