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Opalite Angel Figure with Prayer Card and E Book & Coloring E Book Twin Set

I got a surprise gift of this amazing angel composite from my aunt and just love it. The set comes with a divine pocket sized opalite angel statue which comes safely cocooned in a black velvet drawstring bag. I also got the file of an angel blessing which I have printed off and carry a copy in my car and keep copies around the house and office. I even use one as a screensaver.

The angel comes with two ebooks which I adore. One is a book which gives a background to angels including information on angels and archangels. The other ebook is the really sweet angel coloring book which I really like too and use all the time to help me relax.

Honestly this is one of the most amazing and thoughtful presents I have ever received.

I discovered that the set is only available through Amazon.com and have bought some for my friends and family and hope that they like this as much as I do.


'I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free' - Michelangelo.

Is now a good time for you to connect back to the angels?

This beautifully sculpted pocket sized opalite angel kit is perfect for helping to make that connection.

This gift was designed specially based on years of experience in communicating with the angels to connect body, soul and mind with the angelic realm and contains:

* Pocket sized beautifully carved iridescent opalite angel statue to bring angelic essences into everyday life. Mesmerizing pearlescent and iridescent reflections provide a peaceful focus for prayer and meditation.
* Downloadable angel prayer card offers unlimited copies for home, work, friends and family and even can be used as a screensaver.
* Ebook on Angels by Serena Murungi gives a background to the angels and archangels and a special message from the angels.
* Coloring EBook for unlimited coloring to involve the body in connecting with the angelic realm.

There is a limited supply of the set available for now and it comes with a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee.

Do you feel called to let your light shine and stretch out your own angelic wings?

Click the buy button now to have Amazon deliver the statue, downloadable prayer card and ebooks to you.


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