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Christian Romance Fiction: Unexpected Love (A Clean Inspirational Romance)

If you are anything like me, you will like this book. It is very simple to read and you can make it through it in one sitting. I like narrative type books. Unexpected Love is definitely what it is. Excellent title. I do not like romance books that are full of content that is repulsive and lacks regard for females. Not this one though, its ideal for satisfying reading. Younger girls can read it likewise since it is a clean romance.
Amazon.com is amazing to order from. That is where I ordered my own. It got delivered right to my kindle library with the click of the button. I am sure you will like this book.


Joya Hernandez, freshly graduated from nursing school, takes a part-time job in the town's gym. She had actually planned to become a nurse at the regional medical facility but then the center closed, shutting the door on her initial strategies and requiring her to discover a job where she can. But she likes working at the gym; she gets along with the members and she appreciates individuals.

She's from the wrong side of the tracks, the daughter of a single mom who owns a bar in a down-at-heel part of town. Life hasn't been simple for them, but thanks to her mom's decision and resolve, Joya thinks that she will have the ability to make her method the world. Joya was raised with strong morals and the conviction that she's as good as any individual.

Both of those beliefs are put to the test when she meets her brand-new employer, Drew Benedict, the boy of the gym's owner. Drew's concepts on ways to run the fitness centers appear guaranteed to bring him into problem with his stepmother who is the genuine power in the operation. But it's the personal relationship more than the professional one that has Joya on a roller-coaster of feeling. Her well-dressed, Lexus-driving, confident employer is revealing a romantic interest in his worker and Joya is encouraged that Drew runs out her league. But when he makes his sensations understood, she's torn between her yearning for his love and her worry that their backgrounds are too far apart for them to ever share a life together

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