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100% Soy Top Quality Candles At a Fraction Of Other Designer Candle Prices

How wonderful is it when you find a candle with a scent you like that burns the way you want it to? If you are similar to me, you also want a candle that doesn't generate a lot of soot and that doesn't pollute the air you are breathing, with a lot of chemicals.

Kelcou Products introduces 100% Designer Soy Candles from Cloud Canyon. We love these candles because of the quality and care in which each candle is produced. With the knowledge and practical knowledge of an aromatherapist who has been creating designer products for years, with the best scents and ingredients, these candles are no exception. Cloud Canyon candles come in heavy glass bottom tumblers that can be reused for any drink or cocktails once the wax has been used up. And the wax will be completely used to the bottom! Using 100% soy wax and cotton wicks allows for a slower, cleaner burn time. These candles will burn evenly to the bottom of the glass and they are 100% scented ensuring a lasting scent for the full length of the candle.

Cloud Canyon candles fit in with any decor, throw pleasant, sometimes delicious scents and have a long burn life of 60-80 hours without the wick disappearing or not lighting correctly. Cloud Canyon candles are great for any occasion, gift giving or just indulging your own senses.

Because Cloud Canyon candles are dye free and do not use chemicals harmful to the environment, people who like environmentally friendly products can feel confident about lighting these candles. We have had customers with asthma tell us that they have felt fine when burning these candles compared to other candles that release toxins in the air that trigger asthma attacks.

We definitely have our favorite scents and we are eager to present these candles to the public and find out what their favorite scents are as well. We feel good about offering designer quality candles at a fraction of the price of other designer brand candles, with quality that is just as good if not better. You will find these candles on Amazon with free shipping for purchases over $35. Go {select|pick out your favorite scent now!


Why buy 100% soy candles?

100% soy candles are made with vegetable wax derived from soybeans, a biodegradable, water soluble commodity that does not increase the CO2 levels in the atmosphere like paraffin wax candles do and helps support local agriculture and American farmers, making it a sustainable product.

100% soy candles DO NOT need chemicals to scent them and scents tend to throw better and last longer because of a much slower melt time. This slower melt time provides a cleaner more even burn, leaving a minimal amount if any wax on the sides of the jar and, with a cotton wick, allows the candle to burn all the way to the bottom.

Benefits of 100% Soy Candles

• Non Toxic - 100% soy candles DO NOT release any known carcinogens into the air
• Healthier for humans, pets and the environment
• Burn Cleaner with much less black soot over time which can discolor walls, ceilings and furniture

Most soy candles are a soy blend and most candles, in general, are scented on the top third of the candle only which is why candles tend to lose their scent over time. Cloud Canyon candles scent their candles 100% right through the candle for a lasting aroma until the candle is finished. Once your candle is finished reuse the glass tumbler for drinks and cocktails. You won't be disappointed with the quality of these candles. They will go with any decor, they make great gifts and you have 8 scents to choose from which also means you can collect a set of 8 good quality tumblers!

Learn more about this at amazon.com/Designer-Butterscotch-Bourbon-Reusable-Fragrances/dp/B018HAZA8Q/soy candles/