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Fizz Bath Bombs 'Girl Power' Bath Bomb Bath Set Includes 3 Fun, Fruity and Sparkly Bombs

Girl Power Gift Set
• Are you searching for that perfect gift to give to make a kid happy?
• Do you want to buy them something no-one else will?

Introducing Fizz Bath Bombs
• Promises to give a bath experience full of giggles
• 3 massive bath bombs, weighing in at over 8oz each!
• Hand made and not tested on animals
• Made with tons of shea butter
• Manufactured in the UK (not China)

What is included?
We have especially selected 3 of our fruitiest bath bombs that promise to keep the kids amused in the bath.

Strawberries & Cream
Our Strawberries & Cream bomb will remind you of fun-filled and refreshing summer days.

Very Berry
If you like fruity and fun then you have come to the right bomb.

Party Girl
Get in the mood to party with this sparkly and glittering bath bomb.

What Makes This Present Special?
This present has been especially made by our team of cosmetic experts in the UK with one type of person in mind.... kids who want to have fun!

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Learn more at http://www.amazon.com/Bath-Bombs-Girl-Power-Supersized/dp/B010BC0FEW/bath bombs/


My daughter was so happy with this bath bomb present that I found on Amazon.co.uk. I gave it to her as a gift for finishing her first week in pre-school and she couldn't wait to get into the tub that night.

I'll tell you why this present was so wonderful. The packaging was bright pink, so a winner already, and it included three giant bath bombs, pink again! The bath bombs all had really exciting names such as Strawberry and Cream, Very Berry and Party Girl and yes, once again they all had a pink colour in them.

I have purchased bath bombs before and I regularly found they were overpriced or they didn't work properly. However, these bath bombs from Fizz Bath Bombs weren't just huge, they really fizzed and they lasted a long time.

My daughter had fun watching the bombs fizz away and she would pick one up and watch intently as the fizz continued to work in her hand. Then she would plop it in again and continue to giggle.

When it was time to get out of the tub, the water was bright pink (again a winner in our home) and it smelt fabulous.

I have since ordered more of these gift sets. There are currently three versions on Amazon.co.uk. One for girls and boys and one for stressed out mums like me that like to relax in the tub. The best part is that Amazon.co.uk will deliver the next day saving me time I just don't have.

If anyone is looking for a present for a little girl, then I would recommend these bath bombs to anyone looking for a fun present for kids.