True Memoir About Drug Addiction and Redemption

I read this amazing book called Deathdance. It was written by a former drug abuser who was raised in a average American home without any prior drug use, only to get married and find himself addicted to drugs and in and out of the penitentiary. The biography of this man's life records just about everything. And to imagine that God has forgiven this man and now uses his previous experiences to restore other addicts get off of drugs is quite extraordinary.

There is even a portion at the end that gives reader the opportunity to donate to DAP, which is the ministry he and his wife founded almost 30 years ago.

Former Presidential Candidate, Ben Carson includes his opinion on the book as well as the late First Lady, Nancy Reagan.

If you are looking for a inspiring book for either yourself or a friend or family member who seemingly has gone to the point of "No Return", then this book is for you.


DeathDance is the true story of Cliff Harris, Co-founder of Drug Alternative Program. The memoir illustrates the terrifying truth about drugs and how it affects the lives of all involved. Clifford Harris also shows the redemptive side of drug abuse once the user realizes his or her inability to help oneself.

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