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Cluie Packing Cubes for Non-toxic Organizers 3pc Set Black & White Checkered

Cluie Packing Cubes are great organizers, not only for travel luggage or backpack but also at home in closets and drawers. They hold so much more than their size would suggest as they lightly compress everything, which also means clothes remain exactly where they're packed and don't get crushed or wrinkled even when luggage is badly handled.

Cluie Packing Cubes have a large, breathable, see-through mesh top, making it easy to see what each cube contains. When it's time to pack or unpack the quality two-way zippers are smooth and glide open without a hitch. All seams are double stitched and don't stretch so they hold their shape even when empty, an advantage especially when utilized as closet or drawer compartment.

Cluie Packing Cubes are great traveling companions. They are available in three convenient sizes, including Cluie's exclusive Slim size, which makes it so easy to configure luggage and saves loads of humiliation at airport security when they don't have to rummage through personal items. If there's a weight issue at check-in, the cubes make it so easy to redistribute between suitcases, no need for clothing all over the floor while everyone is staring at you.

Perhaps best of all, Cluie Packing cubes are made from 100% recyclable nontoxic Polyester 600d, meaning they're completely safe for human use and better for the environment as well, unlike most other brands packing cubes made from nylon.

Highly recommend Cluie Packing Cubes to anyone who wants to be organized, whether traveling or at home, and anyone who is conscious of our environment and health.

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- Don't let annoying luggage fails spoil your exciting trip

- After hours even days of careful packing, rough baggage handling leaves all your cloths wrinkled, rumpled and little items lost in a jumbled mess. With Cluie packing cubes everything is contained where you packed it, protected in its cube, neat, organized and ready to wear no matter how much your luggage has been tossed around. So convenient, pants, tops, underwear all in separate cubes or even entire outfits for each stopover or business, casual, nightwear whatever your occasion.

- Over weight suitcases that have to be repacked at the airport? No fuss with Cluie cubes, simply pull out a cube and carry it on or transfer to a lighter bag.

- Stopped for security baggage check? Large see through mesh top window stop touching of your underwear, if you must unpack, repacking is so easy.


- It's been more than a year in the making to achieve non-toxic no smell packing cubes. Cluie packing cubes are safe suitable for all sensitive personal items including underwear, delicates, private possessions, also perfect for baby clothing and nappies.

- Suitable for any type of travel, romantic getaway or just keep one in your car trunk for an emergency or spontaneous outings. Great storage for seasonal clothing or for closet organizer.


- Cluie packing Cubes come with a Lifetime warranty. If you don't love them for any reason just contact Cluie for a stress free no hassle refund.