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NimNik Fit Stirnbänder Headband Unisex Fitness Bandana für Joggen Crossfit Yoga Pilates

Physical fitness has become a huge part of life for many individuals. With more awareness on staying fit, people are moving towards keeping a much healthier lifestyle. Workout has become a regular part of life for many of us. Even with busy schedules, people make it a point to find time to go to the fitness center. It is not surprising that that in the current years gym wear has become so popular in runways and shops.

As a matter of fact, people have become so open to staying healthy that active wear has become appropriate street wear. Everything from yoga trousers to cropped t-shirts is now part of lots of attires even for those who are not health buffs. One of the items that are routinely seen extracted from the fitness center to the streets are sports headbands. Regardless of being a little accessory, it is one that has proved to be beneficial in various circumstances that involve the active life.

NimNik Fit a brand under NimNik Ltd. that produces active wear items has its own offering for sports headbands. Unlike many of the commercial counterparts offered in the market, NimNik's variation is particularly made with users in mind. As gotten out of a business that provides premium items for an affordable cost, their sports headband provides not simply style, but fantastic value for money too.

Created in an elegant, basic and stylish design this headband can quickly go from an active wear accessory to a style statement. There's no stressing over using a terry cloth band on your head with this item. The streamlined style makes it trendy enough to use even when you are not exercising or doing sports. More than this, it functions as flattering head gear that is suitable for both men and women. Furnished in a dark grey color, the headband is neutral and will not clash with other colors. Both its design and color blend in perfectly with any outfit.

The style forward headband is made with soft fabric of high quality. The microfiber cotton is made with an unique blend of polyester and spandex that paves the way to the cloth's unique softness and flexibility. This makes sure that the user remains comfy throughout the whole time that the headband is used. The fabric's composition likewise makes sure the cloth's capability to quickly absorb moisture and keep the user dry and free of sweating on the forehead.

While the majority of commercial headbands quickly fall off and fail to keep hair and sweating away, the NimNik Fit headband easily stays in place. This makes it easier to stay concentrated on exercising or doing sports. This is enabled with the headband's innovative design. The inner layer of the headband is geared up with two layers of silicon that helps the band stay in place. This likewise provides a double layer of protection versus slipping off and distracting you.

Like all other items from NimNik, the sports headband is likewise constructed for toughness. The high quality fabric makes it suitable for all types of sports and outside activities. From football to running as well as yoga, the sports headband is constructed to last and endure daily wear and tear. The band can likewise be quickly be cleaned up in the washer. The headband retains its shape and flexibility even with several washings.

All NimNik items are devoted to providing the very best value for consumers, which is why the sports headband can be utilized not simply as a headband, but as other sports accessories as well. No need to skip your early morning run or yoga session when it gets cold. Just pull the band down over your ears for instant ear muffs. Desire more protection for your head? Spread it out and use it turban style. Treking or going on a trail run? Turn it into a headscarf or balaclava. With several uses, this headband certainly gives you your money's worth.

With this basic and economical sports headband you can look stylish and take pleasure in an active lifestyle with no worries.


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NimNik Fit Running und Yoga - und Sport - Stirnband - Das Sportzubehör, dass Ihnen das nötige Vertrauen gibt.

Es ist für alles gesorgt, ob Sie nach einer stilvollen Art suchen, Feuchtigkeit nach außen und the Haare aus den Augen zu halten während des Trainings oder einen einzigartigen Stil zum Ausgehen suchen. Sie werden den Hauch von Premium-Luxusqualität spüren, welcher Bestandteil jedes NIMNIK

Produktes ist. Qualität gepaart mit Stil
• Handgemachte aus hochwertiger Baumwolle
• Bietet hochwertiges, Feuchtigkeitshaltendes Item, dass Ihnen dabei hilft, Ihre Fitnessziele zu erreichen. Tragen Sie Ihr NimNik Fit Stirnband in verschiedenen Positionen und machen Sie eine modische Aussage in der Turnhalle.
• Unser vielseitiges Stirnband mit einer Größenstufe kann auf verschiedene Weisen gestaltet werden
• Suitable für Sport, Laufen, Outdoor-Aktivitäten, Yoga oder Mode.

Abmessungen und Materialien
• Wenn es flach liegt ist das Stirnbandmaß 9 Zoll x 6,5 Zoll (23cm x 17cm)
• Gefertigt aus mittelleichter, dehnbarer Baumwolle, die sich digestive tract streckt, wenn guy sie zieht, damit es nicht zu eng am Kopf wird.

100 % Zufriedenheitsgarantie - Bei NimNik glauben wir an unsere Produkte und Arbeiten, um das Beste auf dem Markt aus unseren Produkten zu machen. Wenn Sie aus irgendeinem Grund nicht mit dem Kauf zufrieden sind, werden Sie durch unsere 90 Tage Geld-zurück-Garantie abgedeckt. Geben Sie dem NimNik Fit Stirnband eine Chance und Sie werden froh sein, dass Sie es probiert haben. Klicken Sie auf den Warenkorb-Button oben und wir werden es Ihnen in Kürze zusenden.