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High Quality Set of Month by Month Stickers With Milestone and Holiday Stickers

The other day when I was on the internet just randomly browsing on Amazon, I suddenly came across these awesome month by month stickers for babyshower. My friend's babyshower was just in a couple of days and this was the excellent baby shower gift! I of course instantly hit the order button and the stickers arrived in the mail this morning.

The stickers are excellent. They're just of suitable size - 4" - which is perfect to use on the apparel of your infant's. They arrived in a set of 25 stickers that means there were lots of versions to select from. This contained all forms of stickers that you may possibly want: These are month by month stickers, stickers for milestones as well as first holiday stickers. I am sure my pal is going to be pretty much excited by these. I ordered a nice photo album too, so she can add photographs she may take of her little one with those stickers on. It'll make a fantastic record of her newborn's first year growth and I can simply picture her newborn on the front of the photo album, in a lovely little onesie. In my opinion this was a great keepsake.

Besides having a good layout, the month stickers are also very high quality. The stickers are also water and scratch resistant, meaning that, the stickers will most likely not be damaged when it is exposed to water and will also be able to endure minor scratches. They're also reusable so they can easily be taken out whenever she feels like it. To add to this the matte lamination surface also looks great and it's great solution to deter glare from flash.

As a present for a future or emerging mother, the baby monthly stickers from All Pro Baby and the additional stickers that comes with it, is a very good way to establish a personal, fun and lovable connection between a mother and her baby. I am so delighted I found these, just at the ideal moment. Since the quality is also so good, I can't recommend them enough!


LARGE 4" BELLY STICKERS made in USA of long lasting material with smart matte lamination that doesn't glare in pictures. Now you can take excellent pictures every time to remember baby's progress. These are also water resistant and hard to scratch. These last for days. Fantastic for keepsake, scrapbook, memory book or photo album.

YOUR LITTLE ONE CAN BE THE CUTEST with these High quality Baby Monthly Stickers. Stick them on baby's clothing for a special occasion of baby's milestones, progress and holidays.

25 MONTH STICKERS for Baby which includes 12 monthly stickers, 6 milestone, 6 holiday, and 1 bonus sticker. These are the high quality and extremely simple to use stickers to see baby's first year development.

These stickers perfect for GIRLS & BOYS look very sweet on Onesie baby outfits. Celebrates favorite holidays such as Baby's First Valentines Day, First Teeth and more. It looks so lovely on newborns.

All Pro Baby Monthly Stickers Will Remind You Unique Memories with All Significant Events of Your Baby. Celebrate all unique occasions with this unique set of cute Baby Monthly Stickers. These unisex stickers, are actually the First Year Belly Stickers you've seen on the internet and in publications. These monthly stickers celebrate baby milestones during the baby first year.

Stick these to your book pages to accompany your records or photos. This can make an fantastic keepsake that anyone, including the baby, will cherish for years to come. All Pro Baby uses high quality sticker material, professional glue that does not smell or damage outfits, and quality color printing on a special matte surface that will not result in glare. Now you can easily make excellent images for scrapbooks, family albums or Facebook.

Baby knows you are proud of its accomplishments. Builds self belief and helps babies know you love them. You just can't get better Baby Monthly Stickers anywhere else. Actually, you are backed by 100 Day Money Back Guarantee to make sure your 100% satisfaction. If for any cause you no longer like them, you can simply apply for the refund and you will certainly get all of your money back.
These make fabulous birthday celebration and baby shower gifts. Everyone loves them!

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