Versatile Hands-Free LED Light for the BBQ and Home

Cooking at night on the Barbecue can be hazardous, from not being able to see the grill to ensuring the meat is cooked - especially with cooking poultry. With the LED Light there is no more burnt hands.

I found on online at Amazon a Barbecue Grilling Light that can be utilized around the home and the outdoors. The 2016 LED Light has a great range of movement (vertical & horizontal) in the market, able to attach to a variety of shapes (up to 1.65" diameter), light switch with multiple settings, heat resistant and powered by AA batteries. The strong and direct light on a dark area, where it's needed most.

The LED Light can be affixed to most BBQ handles, hoods and also the Smoker. The 2016 Hands-Free LED Light can light up a Camp Shower & Tent, Dark spots around the Garage and the Pathway, Roads & Paths whilst walking, in the great outdoors enjoying Boating, reading a Map, to providing a light when you have a breakdown and need to fix a trailer or warning others of a danger.

This is a LED Light that blends the best in innovation, technology and flexibility to provide you more options. This is the Go-Anywhere Light, when you need a light.


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The Go-anywhere BBQ LED Light, when you need a bright light. The Versatile 2016 Hands Free LED Light, a Light that is more versatile and offers a larger range of movement (vertical and horizontal).