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Well Made Rambler Tumbler; Keeps Hot Hotter Longer and Cold Colder longer!

I bought the Royal Flask Double Wall Vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel tumbler cup for myself and I absolutely LOVE this cup! I bought the 30 ounce tumbler so that I could take more on the go with me. This cup is sturdy stainless steel, very well constructed. This cup does not break when dropped. It has a neat pop top type lid with a black seal around the lid so that it hold securely in place when on the way. The lid has a drink spot in it, so it is not spill proof but my son knocked mine over onto the table this morning and only a splash came out, so it reduces the amount of spillage; but of course if it is flipped upside down it is going to spill out as well.

I fill hot coffer on it and it keeps my coffee hot longer throughout the day, I filled my cup about half full at 8.30 am and at noon the drink was still warm at noon, it did not get cold two hour later like in a normal coffee mug. I won't drink cold coffee so this will reduce a LOT of waste in my house! You can also use it for keeping water or other drinks cold too! With no condensation, you won't need to care about your hands getting wet when drinking, a great feature for those who take it to work, take it with them to a workout, or are outdoors on hot days you won't regularly have to be drying your hands off to continue what you are doing. The cover is dishwasher safe or you can wash it with hand as well.

This fits perfect in the cup holder on my ATV and is nice for riding through the woods, I won't have to worry about it being damaged along the way. Can be taken camping, hunting, to work, to the beach and more! Anyone can use this cup! I definitely encourage you to give it trial!


Elegant High-Quality Double Walled Royal Flask MUG Keeps The Cold Drinks Cool and The Hot Drinks Warmed

-It is disgusting to notice that your tumbler adds artificial flavor
-Does your tumbler sweat and has condensation so it does not keep your hand dry? very offensive!
-It is irritating if your Vacuum Insulated does not fit in your automobile cup holder.
-Do you have a plastic tumbler that does not keeps beverage hot or cold for long?
-You can not afford to always buying a new mug

Introducing your own Royal Flask Tumbler with flavor free, sweat free, No condensation, fit all automobile cup holder, keeps your drinks hot or cold for many hours and last forever.

"Looking For An Eco-Friendly Vacuum Insulated Mug That Won't Rust, Leak, Spill, Or Sweat...Without Spending A Fortune?"

- The lid has a rubber on it and never comes off
- Over a 6 hours period the temp only decreased 54 degrees.

During a test it was discovered that the outside of the cup did not feel at all warm to the touch; the only part that changed at all was the lid and then only slightly warmer.

MAKE IT YOUR SIGNATURE MUG Perfect for team gifts, goody bags, teachers, office gifts, carpooling mugs, Valentine's Day gift cups, Mother's and Father's Day gifts, BBQ Rodeo Cook offs, tailgaters, Super Bowl parties.

Amazon shopper Trust Royal Flask Mug to be Quality Premium Products

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Our Guarantee to You: If within sixty days you're not 100% happy with your purchase, let us know and we'll refund your entire full price... no questions asked.

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