Henrietta Hippo Toy Storage Organiser (Pink)


A Must Have Fun Bath Toy Storage Solution That's A Must For Every Family Home

Having a young child means, like lots of other homes, bath times can be very messy. Once the bath time fun has finished I am more often than not left to pick up all the wet toys from the bathroom floor and trying to find homes for them, normally balancing them on the side of the bath or putting them in a poor quality storage net that falls off the wall with just a few toys within it. However I have now found an easy solution to the bath toy madness. It is a fun looking bath toy organiser that is large enough to store all of my daughter's toys; it will stay steadfastly adhered to our tiles and permits all the water to drain from the toys dramatically reducing the potential of build-up of mould.

While at a play date with my neighbour and her children, we were talking about the bath time toy problem that many parents throughout the country can relate to i.e. wet bath toys covering the bathroom floor. However my neighbour said she had located the ideal solution to end the untidy bathroom scenario and gain a clutter free bathroom back. She showed me her solution, Henrietta Hippo, a fun looking very adorable pink hippo. You can push all the toys through its mouth into a large mesh netted stomach that will let the water from the toys flow back into the bath. It comes with two ‘Limpet Lock' suction cups suction cups that ensure it will stay stuck to the wall. Her little girl utterly loves it and even puts away all her toys herself after bath time.

My neighbour apparently bought her Henrietta Hippo bath toy storage organiser from amazon. I would normally buy all my daughters toys and related products from toy stores but my neighbour told me that the organiser was exclusively available on amazon and that it was delivered promptly. So I decided to purchase myself one through amazon and I was pleasantly surprised by the whole buying experience.

Our new bath toy organiser arrived the next morning and was of a very high quality. My daughter immediately fell in love with the fun looking pink hippo and we stuck it to our tiled wall straight away and filled it with her toys. What's great about the clever design apart from its large storage capacity and very strong suction cups, is that is encourages children to interact with it as its bright pink and fun in nature. Instead of a boring white net like most other similar products, Henrietta actually encourages interaction with children so they are more likely to use it. What really amazed me was the follow up I received from the manufacturer ensuring I was totally happy with my product and reminding me that the organiser was under guarantee should anything go wrong. Now that's customer service.

If you have the same problem at bath time like I used to have then I would recommend you get yourself a Henrietta Hippo organizer. The company (Odyseaco) even sell a blue one called Hurley which is more suited to boys. I promise your child will absolutely adore a hippo organiser at bath time and you can gain your tidy bathroom back.

What consumers say about Henrietta:
"Henrietta is brilliant my children love her", "Finally I have a tidy bathroom!", "All the toys can be stored easily and dry out so no mould", "Henrietta just takes care of it!"

What makes Henrietta Hippo the correct bath toy storage organiser for you?

ENJOY A CLUTTER FREE BATHROOM – Allow Henrietta keep your bathroom clutter free.

A CUTE FUN TOY ORGANISER - Your children will love letting Henrietta take care their toys.

LARGE STORAGE AREA - An large mesh net will hold all your childrens bath time toys.

MAKE MILDEW AND MOULD A THING OF THE PAST - Henrietta is made of fast drying, phthalate free synthetic rubber and with a mesh net water will just drain straight through.

2 x WALL SUCTION CUPS - To make sure Henrietta stays stuck to the wall no matter how many toys she is holding.

New isothermic 'Limpet Lock' suction cup design - The Henrietta Hippo bath organiser comes with two specifically designed Limpet Lock suction cups. Simply unscrew the front of the suction cup slightly to loosen the sucker, moisten and apply sucker. Tighten the front screw to lock it to your wall and you're done. Hang Henrietta by the two side loops and she will stay there until you want to move her. (NOTE - suction cups are not designed to stick to textured or porous surfaces).

Click ADD TO CART today and let Henrietta take care of your bathroom clutter. What's more, when you buy today you will enjoy our no-quibble 90 day warranty and get a FREE Parenting Guide from Cheraboo as a thank you, just for being our customer!

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