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  • 100% Bamboo Gym Washcloth Deluxe Set of 2 Easy To Clean With All-natural/Soft By Right Purpose.

100% Bamboo Gym Washcloth Deluxe Set of 2 Easy To Clean With All-natural/Soft By Right Purpose.

All these bamboo washcloths are super-soft, hypoallergenic, and more absorbent when compared to typical cotton washcloths. These are soft and also absorbent, effortless clean as well as care for and remarkably durable to with stand the washing machine. The clean color styles, and terry cloth like material on both sides of the cloth help make bath time enjoyable and easy. Seeing as the wash cloths are made from natural products it was great for delicate skin.

Unlike disposable wipes, our chemical-free wipes are good for the planet and your delicate skin. Thoroughly clean faces, hands, bottoms, and more!

Suitable for at home, in the bath, in addition to on the move. Safeguard baby-soft or delicate skin with reusable washcloths that are indeed beneficial for you along with the planet.


Ideal for your kitchen, washroom, as well as workout room use.

These organic and natural bamboo towels are multi use. Wonderful size for dining room cleaning. Put in the bathroom. Just right for guest towels. The familiar color hues go along with almost any design. Hitting the gym? The ideal size for your gym bag.

Organically Anti Bacterial

Bamboo possesses an organic and natural anti bacterial factor that prevents odors. In our tests we have used these towels for a week's worth of hot workouts without washing-NO STINK!!!! They smelled as good as though just laundered.

Remarkably Absorbent and Dries Fast

Bamboo fiber is so thirsty that cotton towels pale by comparison. Quite simply place the hand towel over liquid and it will soak it up. Little or no wiping necessary. Hang and it definitely will dry in a hurry, too.

Magnificent Gift Ideas

These towels would be an amazing house warming item, off to college or university item, newborn baby as well as wedding gift. Tailgate gatherings as well! Everyone will delight in these towels.

Silky and Soft To The Touch

These bamboo towels truly feel softer after each washing. This is certainly resulting from the bamboo fiber loops. These loops produce a unique softness that quite frankly will not be beat!

Great Size

The14"x14" size of these towels is great for various everyday purposes.
Click the buy button to pick up a 2 pack of the same color choice. White, pink, green, or blue. Grab more than one pair. They arrive in a reusable container for portability/travel.

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