Trendsetting Wireless Earphones for Active Lifestyles

Recently I accidentally left my insanely expensive earphones in my gym shorts pocket and washed them. My kids discovered them while folding laundry and seeing my disappointment, they decided to get me another pair on Amazon...on my dime of course!

This innovative set of bluetooth earphones effectively freed me from the limitations of cords attached to my smart phone as well as with my other devices. I've effectively used them for up to 8 hours of continuous listening pleasure while immersed in activities like running and crossfit, as well and just relaxing. I was shocked and amazed to see they never fell out of my ears no matter what I did! These durable sweatproof earphones even allowed me to set the sound source on a table, on my deck, near my gym bag, or wherever, keeping me from sweating all over it. What's also awesome is they work perfectly when paired with 2 devices, and I have enjoy them when working on my tablet as well as with my smart phone.

Anyone looking for a stylish set of high quality, sturdy sweatproof bluetooth earphones will certainly have to take a look at these.

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These light-weight bluetooth earphones feature a high quality durable construction to withstand the rigors and sweat of the most demanding workouts.

Three sizes of interchangeable ear cushions and patented secure fit fins ensure these earphones provide unmatched fit and comfort and will not slip out of the ear during highly active conditions.

The secure clip attaches to the front of the collar and holds the cord conveniently out of the way of hair and neck during exercise and activities. It also allows the headphones to suspend securely from the collar when earphones are out of the ears.

Enjoy effortless pairing to 2 devices including iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth devices. The long lasting battery life allows you take full advantage of the excellent stereo sound quality up to the advertised range of 30 feet (10 meters). The handsfree feature works ideally for phone calls.

Buy with Confidence

The manufacturer provides a 30 day money back no questions guarantee and a 12 month full replacement, peace of mind warranty.