Quality First Aid Kit For Home

Tempered Blue

When it pertains to picking up a quality first aid kit, you will no doubt notice that the marketplace has a lot of options available for you to choose. The problem is that not every first aid kit features the exact same products, the exact same quality of products or undoubtedly the exact same options inside. To prevent this problem once and for all and to offer yourself a chance of actually having some decent first aid care lying around, you should always try and purchase the highest quality first aid kit possible.

For a lot of people at the moment, this is the Tempered Blue First Aid Kit. This package features over 100 different pieces that can offer you with assistance in anything from a work environment mishap to a real disaster. The bag features a lot of the little tricks and tools that you need, but is it worth your money and time?

What's Included?

For a start, the Tempered Blue First Aid Kit features a wonderful range of things included, which you can check out listed below.

Contents of the Kit:
Small Band Aids: 20
Standard Size Band Aids: 30
Butterfly Bandages: 14
Tape Roll: 1
Alcohol Prep Pads: 14
Scissors: 1
Tweezers: 1
Gauze Pads (3 sizes): 7
Whistle: 1
Security Pins: 6
Cold Pack: 1
Emergency Blanket: 1
Triangle Bandage: 1
Elastic Bandage: 2
Vinyl Gloves: 2 pair
Sting Relief Pads: 4
Antiseptic Towelettes: 8
CPR Mask: 1
Carabiner: 1
First Aid Bag (10 ″ x 8 ″ x 3 ″): 1

This provides you so much variety as well as makes sure you have enough to get through any scenarios, help manage injury, and deal with mild accidents with ease. At the very least you have exactly what is required here to stop most medical problems till a group of professionals can arrive on the scene-- so far so good.

Carrying Quality

The bag itself is made from a tough nylon that guarantees it can be brought around from space to space quickly. If something occurs somewhere else in the house/shop/office and you need to take the equipment there, this bag is durable enough to last without a doubt-- it's really strong. It likewise offers you with various different options to hold things in a zippered pouch system, along with different extra slots so that you can include anything else you may need (certain family medication etc). Once again, this is extremely excellent.

Product Quality

The items that you get, from the bandages to the whistle and the tourniquet, are more than adequate for handling a medical circumstance. The Tempered Blue First Aid Kit truly manages to stack everything in here and makes sure it's not like an inexpensive set, either.

Lots of cheaper First Aid Kits around the exact same price will be far less effective in their designs, so make certain you take the time needed to check out just how great a competitor would be as almost everything in here is of the required and advised requirement.


The pricing is exceptional, too-- it's cost at simply $29.99 at this moment in time. This is far more affordable than a lot of the sets that would compete with this typically, but this has the added bonus of added space and a far fairer cost!


If you need a quality first aid kit that works and can be trusted to last and help out in even the most difficult of situations, you should definitely consider the Tempered Blue First Aid Kit.

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