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e-voke Scented Tea Light Candles - 25 Pk - By The Sea - 100% Natural Components

Fancy producing a gorgeous garden space this summertime? You can make a lonely edge look alive with a couple of carefully placed tealight candles from DC Homewares. Not only will the light and shadows dance, the location will come alive with motion and feeling that candles always bring. We have been attracted to fire since creation, so enjoy some today. You get a double advantage as these candles are wonderfully scented so the surrounding location will be changed by light and smell.

Perfect to be near and enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day. Even outside, the advantages of soy wax are clear as the smoke is minimal. With these tealight candles the burn time is rather long and they do not burn as hot as various other tealight candles making them safer. Regardless you need to put them out of the way of any draughts and preferably in a pretty holder. You can discover those along with the tealights on Amazon.com which by the way is a terrific and safe location to shop. They actually care for you well and provide rapidly!

e-voke tealight candels are sold excusivley on Amazon.com


e-voke Scented Tea Light Candles - Pk of 25 - By The Sea Missing some feel in your space? We all enjoy tea light candles to offer atmosphere, soft lighting & a relaxing result. With so many pretty owners readily available tea lights are simply things for making any space special. They are lovely in the garden as well. However some tea light candles simply don't cut it. The very best option is to light an extravagant e-voke tea light candle Our tea light candles are richly scented to offer an aromatherapy experience second to none whilst transforming your space to a place where the household can all enjoy. Positioned purposefully in the garden, it will change an ordinary location to a magical one. Flickering lights, pure fragrances & dancing shadows all incorporate to offer you the atmosphere you seek. Our advantages and functions include: made & hand poured in USA;100 % natural components ;Soy wax based for a clean burn; Contains only pure vital oils; Lovely fragrances; Supports local economy.

By The Sea - smell the fresh sea air instilled with tips of citrus.

Also readily available in 6 various other fragrances: Summer Rain, Indian Jasmine, Vanilla Ice, Love Spell, Tropical Fruit Cocktail, and Exotic Gardenia.

Click the 'Add To Cart' button on the top right & get started on producing the ideal atmosphere in your house and garden with e-voke scented soy tea light candles.

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