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Premium Cedar Grilling Planks That Will Greatly Improve Your Grilled Meals

Premium Cedar Grilling Planks and Wraps that will Really Improve your Grilled Meals

I was so surprised how simple and easily I might up my barbecuing game with something that I believed just expensive dining establishments might do. I have actually had planked salmon and planked whitefish when out however never thought that I might do it in the house. Boy was I wrong-- it is so easy and budget-friendly-- I will never have to pay big money in a restaurant for this again.

The refined yet smooth smoky flavor was so enjoyable. We started with using these planks with salmon and steelhead that a buddy caught now we are doing all type of different meats, veggies and even fruit! We got some great suggestions from the totally free recipe book that was included and it set us off to attempt all type of new ideas.

I you are anything like my better half and I, you love to attempt new dinner ideas. Given that buying these planks through Amazon we have actually been sample cooking everything on them. We just recently experimented using Granny Smith apples that were cored and filled with Crisp topping-- we actually utilized the planks in the over for this. They were delicious and to top it off the fragrance that was originating from our kitchen area was so warm and soothing.

I have actually utilized different pots, pans and gadgets in the past to help improve our meals however these planks and wraps were the answer I was searching for. If you wish to create terrific food to impress your family and friends or just to simply| eat much better, then I highly suggest Chayder Grilling Planks.


You will receive a FREE Recipe Book when you purchase. This book teems with great/wonderful/tasty dishes, images and ideas making your next gathering/meal a lot more special/enjoyable/impressive.

• These planks are perfect/just right for barbecuing planked salmon/mahi mahi/trout - each plank is 14 inches long so that a full filet can fit on the plank• Planks are 5 1/2 inches broad, best for preparing a square meal on each plank - your family and friends will be so amazed!• Each plank is a quarter inch thick so that food cooks wonderfully.• These planks are made from "clear" knot free Western Red Cedar. We utilize clear cedar because knots can have hot spots as well as have residue that can distort the flavor of your food
We include simple guidelines making your cooking experience easy and terrific - we'll assist you look good!

We have a 100 % Happiness Guarantee. If you are not happy let us know and we will refund your purchase price!

Learn more about this at http://www.amazon.com/Grilling-Includes-Vegetables-Outrageous-Guarantee/dp/B0179YKKHM/cedar grilling planks/