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  • Best Mono-pod Ever. Wired, Lightweight, Quality devise for Self Portraits.

Best Mono-pod Ever. Wired, Lightweight, Quality devise for Self Portraits.

Recently I was a hit at my sister's wedding event with my new DBD Audio Selfie Stick. I have some terrific photos and I owe it all to my selfie stick. Exactly what a terrific discussion starter. I seemed like clever techy. The DBD Audio Selfie Stick is so simple to utilize however the trendy design offers it a really innovative feel.

The wedding event was stunning and I have photos with all the loved ones, a lot of them I will have to ask my mother about. I demonstrated to the older relatives how it worked. Thank goodness everything is digital now days or I would be broke after developing photos of ceiling and shoe photos because everyone wanted to tested it out.

My nephew had a Bluetooth Selfie stick and I found my wired non-bluetooth devise did not have as lots of concerns as he was having. I didn't have to stress over the battery life or the linking concerns. Likewise my selfie stick dealt with various phones regardless of the case size.

My DBD Audio Selfie Stick retracts to simply 6 inches (15 cm) however will reach 31 inches (81cm). It was simple to bring in my handbag and just weighs 4.5 oz (128 g). Due to the fact that everybody wanted to try it out, I was happy it was simply plug and play. Just simply snap phone in the safe and secure mount, plug in the 3.5 mm audio cable, extend, aim and click. The rod has a smart groove so your phone or portable video camera will not rotate well trying to take that ideal image. Top mount rotates 270 degrees for the ideal angle shot and the shutter button is conveniently located on the grip.

I bought my DBD Audio Selfie Stick online at Amazon and there are 5 colors to pick from plus it features a 100 % lifetime warranty.

This was a fun purchase and I had a great time with it.

Get yours now at amazon.com/Extendable-Fold-able-Adjustable-Lightweight-Non-Bluetooth/dp/B018NC64NI/selfie stick/


When a company that concentrates on Bluetooth innovation informs you to not purchase a Bluetooth product, you must listen!

In some cases it's better to keep it EASY. With our Plug and Play selfie stick there is no set up or connection time squandered when that ideal image chance occurs.

- Keep your light-weight ultra-compact selfie stick with you at all times and never ever stress over if it's charged.
- With no battery and no Bluetooth set up to fret about, your constantly all set.
- Simply link the 3.5 mm Audio Cable and you are ready to snap photos and selfies with one button located on the agronomic handle.

We thought about everything!

- Compact & Lightweight.
- Universal smart phone and portable video camera mount, even works with your case on the phone.
- Smart rod design so it does not rotate while taking photos.
- 270 degree swivel head for ideal angle shot.
- Elegant design with multiple colours.
- Shutter button on the grip.
- Hassle-free wrist strap with our DBD Audio logo.
- 5 star product and craftsmanship and long lasting design.

You will like this product, we 100 % Guarantee it!

- We offer a 100 % Lifetime Replacement Guarantee if there is any problem with your product.

This is our best selling product, so click "Add to Cart" and purchase now while amounts last and get complimentary two day shipping with Amazon Prime. Makes an ideal gift!