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Best Selfie-Stick Adjustable and Lightweight Quality selfie stick. Premium Non-Bluetooth, Cable Version. Works with Android

Recently I was traveling in Vietnam and brought my Bluetooth selfie stick. This ended up being a headache as I was having a hard time keeping my selfie stick charged. Every night it ended up being a big decision as to which devise I was going to charge. Phone took precedence and after that my computer. Many of the locations I stayed actually had limited power outlets and after that I needed to deal with the converters for the international plugs.

My mom and dad sent me a new DBD Audio Wired Selfie Stick and this is working really well. It fits with my Otter case, which is large and did not fit well with my Bluetooth stick. I was continually eliminating the case and wound up with me leaving my phone out of the case, resulting in my screen getting scratched. The other thing I found was, I spent a great deal of time detaching my Bluetooth earphones from my phone so I might link my selfie stick, this caused me to sometimes miss out on a terrific shot. End result, I like my new wired DBD Audio Selfie Stick.

The DBD Audio Selfie Stick features a retractable handle which encompasses 31 inches (81cm) and pulls back to 6 inches (15cm) which is terrific for traveling. It is extremely light at just 4.5 oz (128g) and this makes it easy to back pack with. Among the factors it is so light weight is that it has no batteries and this has eliminated the need for charging and I do not have to be so concerned if it gets a bit wet. The DBD Audio Selfie Stick connects with iPhones 4 and up, Samsung Galaxy S1 and newer; most android cellular phones with services AT&T, T-Mobile, ASUS, HP, Siemens, VIVO, Sharpe, Panasonic, NEC, Nokia, Blackberry, Amazon, Casio, Ericsson ... etc. and has a 100 % - Lifetime assurance. There was no set up needed, just plug in and play. No dead batteries or syncing issues. Just merely snap phone in the secure mount, plug in the 3.5 mm audio cable, extend, aim and click. The rod has a smart groove so your phone or portable video camera will not rotate while attempting to take that best photo. Top mount rotates 270 degrees for the best angle shot and the shutter button lies easily on the handle. This stick can be found in 5 colour variations, Black, pink, blue, green and gold.

Great design. I highly recommend the DBD Audio Selfie Stick, it is working terrific for me.

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When a company that specializes in Bluetooth technology tells you to not buy a Bluetooth product, you need to listen!

Sometimes it's better to keep it SIMPLE. With our Plug and Play selfie stick there is no established or connection time lost when that best photo opportunity happens.

- Keep your light-weight ultra-compact selfie stick with you at all times and never stress over if it's charged.
- Without any battery and no Bluetooth set up to worry about, your always prepared.
- Merely link the 3.5 mm Audio Wire and you are prepare to snap images and selfies with one button located on the agronomic grip.

We thought about everything!

- Compact & Light weight.
- Universal cellphone and portable video camera mount, even deals with your case on the phone.
- Smart rod design so it does not rotate while taking pictures.
- 270 degree swivel adjusts towards best angle shot.
- Trendy design with multiple colours.
- Shutter button on the grip.
- Practical wrist strap with our DBD Audio logo.
- 5 star material and craftsmanship and long lasting design.

You will like this product, we 100 % Assurance it!

- We provide a 100 % Lifetime Replacement Assurance if there is any problem with your product.

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