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You Have To See This Incredible Portable Ceramic Burr Coffee Grinder

If you're like me, you have a daily ritual around coffee. I get up every morning and before I've even let the dog out, I've got all the preparations started for my first cup of the day. Some days, I brew up a pot of French press coffee. Other days, I use my way-too-expensive espresso machine, and on still other days, I fire up my high-end automatic brewer.

But it all starts with a perfect grind of freshly roasted beans. And I have plenty of brand-name burned-out old electric grinders laying around the house that just couldn't cut it. Well, recently, I found this amazing, portable ceramic burr coffee grinder.

It's perfectly suited to its task. You just pour fresh beans into the hopper on top and crank away with the manual lever on top. Before you know it, the detachable glass jar is full of coffee excellence.

Did I mention that it's easy to disassemble and keep clean? Well, it is! And you can go crazy experimenting with different grinds, getting just the perfect sized particles for whatever you're planning on brewing that day. And if you over-estimate how much you need, it even comes with a spare screw on lid that will keep the extra grounds fresh and ready for the mid-morning or afternoon cup you know you're going to need later on…

I'm glad I came across this wonderful little machine- it's really enhanced my daily brewing sessions!

Get yours now at amazon.com/Coffee-Grinder-Khaw-Fee-Adjustable-Consistent/dp/B01A6CP1HI/Coffee grinder/