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Fabulous NUTRAwin Ice Pop Molds. Set of 12 Silicone Ice Pop Maker Molds Perfect For Celebrations

When warm weather rolls around, my children love nothing more than a delicious popsicle. They play so many hours in the outdoors, buying and eating their preferred frozen treats. How-ever, I was never a fan of ice pops, as those store bought popsicles were messy and wasteful. That is until recently, when I was introduced to reusable Silicone Ice Pop Molds, and my position suddenly changed!

In my experience, the wasteful thing about artificial ice pops is that you can never finish them. My kids would throw away their half eat-en popsicles, never quite eating them all - and this proved expensive and pointless. They were also untidy , packed with additives that were harmful, and generally not recommended for my children.
Then one day, we were invited to a friend's birthday party - and a parent had supplied popsicles in silicone molds. My kids had the best time licking them, and we learned to love them for so many reasons.

First of all, the popsicles tasted delicious. Not only were they homemade, and thus made from healthier juices, but they were also void of any artificial flavourings or unhealthy additives. What's more, the molds were also easy to use. Their ergonomic, modern and streamlined design meant that both adults and children were preparing their own personalized frozen snack, and relishing every moment of it!

As soon as I got home, I bought my own set of molds from Amazon. My order was delivered with a complimentary 70 homemade recipes and Lego brick mold, which enthralled my family so much.

The first of many serious advantages I immediately noticed was the notion that the molds were truly economical. I purchased one set of reusable popsicle molds, and this cost significantly less than the hundreds prepared popsicles I buy for my children every summer.
But the advantages didn't end there. I quickly found that the molds were BPA free, made from FDA approved silicone and void of any toxic chemicals! This means that not only were they good for my children's body, but they were also good for the environment- as not only do they avoid toxic plastic production, but they also reduce unnecessary packaging.

I soon comprehended that the molds also had a number of convenient uses. I use them as boxes for food storage, snacks and even office merchandise or hair grips. The attachable lid means I can take them anywhere- in my handbag, lunch box or even pocket! They are safe to use in both the dishwasher and oven, which means that they can also be used for hand gel and sweets making molds. Having tried them out, I can now say that they are both kid tested and parent approved!

Get yours now at amazon.com/NUTRAwin-Popsicle-Silicone-Popsicles-Multi-colored/dp/B01171QYQ4/popsicle molds/