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  • Fantastic Nylon Parachute ENO style Double Hammock. Extra large, Compact. FREE ropes included.

Fantastic Nylon Parachute ENO style Double Hammock. Extra large, Compact. FREE ropes included.

It is apparent that everybody is either hanging in a hammock or wishing they were hanging in a hammock. The new nylon compact hammocks have everyone talking. Campers and hikers have given up their tents to sleep in hammocks. And why not, they are much more comfortable and they are much easier to pack. No more cumbersome tents and gear only to be left lying on the cold hard ground with tree roots poking you while you try to get some rest. Instead, campers, hikers and nearly everyone else is hanging a hammock between a couple trees and getting some rest comfortably suspended in air. These hammocks pack to just a little bigger than the size of your fist and they weigh significantly less than tent gear.

A few brands have taken a large market share but there is a hammock that was newly released that is a strong alternative to the other brands. The Double-Extra by Nature Nest Hammocks boasts some notable distictives when compared to the ENO that is seemingly so popular. The first thing to note is that the Double-Extra is larger than the ENO. So why is that important? For a couple reasons. One, there is more room to relax with that special someone on a beautiful afternoon or even after a strenuous hike. After all, isn't that a primary reason for buying a double hammock in the first place? But there is more. The extra fabric permits you to have a better diagonal lie in the hammock which is more comfortable. A common misunderstanding is that you lay in a hammock parallel to the hammock hang. However, those who use hammocks the most will tell you to lay diagonally in the hammock. This will permit your body to lay more flat, it will spread out the tension in the fabric and it will lessen the tension on the pressure points in your body. The net result is laying diagonally is just more comfortable. The extra size of the Nature Nest Hammock increases your ability for a more relaxing rest.

Another thing, if you purchase an ENO double nest, you will also need to purchase ropes or straps separately. You will unpack their hammock to find that you must first buy more equipment to hang the hammock. The Nature Nest comes with nearly 10' ropes included so you can put it up as soon as you get it with no more equipment to buy. Of course you can use the Nature Nest with straps if you wish but there is no need to buy straps unless the area you wish to hang the hammock requires straps instead of ropes. Most likely though, the ropes will be sufficient.

Of course price is also an important consideration. The Nature Nest is about half the cost of an ENO and you still need additional gear to hang the ENO. When that is considered, the Nature Nest is well below half the cost and the Nature Nest ships for free on Amazon. For some, the brand name may be worth the extra cost but if you are one of those who could think of other ways to spend your money, you will want to consider the Nature Nest Double-Extra.

The Double-Extra will hold 400 pounds - easily 2 people. It is triple stitched for durability and it comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it for any reason, the manufacturer will refund your purchase price for a full year so there is no risk for you. Whether you want to take your hammock camping, hiking, biking or boating; whether you are going to the mountains, the beach, the lake, the forest, your dorm room, your back yard or the front porch, the Nature Nest Double-Extra will be your own personal portable retreat. It also makes a great gift! You won't look back. Try a Nature Nest Hammock today.

Check this out at http://www.amazon.com/Parachute-Hammock-Included-Lightweight-Confidence/dp/B015UU6KSU/Nylon parachute hammock/


Nature Nest Double Hammock
in comfort!

Enjoy a stress-free and relaxing morning, afternoon or evening at the beach, in the mountains, in the forest or just in your back yard. The Double-Extra hangs in minutes with FREE included tree ropes and carabiners.

Lay with that special someone or just sit side by side. It easily accommodates 2 adults. Rest peacefully alone or with someone special in the summer sun or under the stars. Fantastic gift for men or women. Great for Christmas, graduation, birthdays or any occasion.

Compare Nature Nest to other popular brand hammocks. The Double-Extra is one of the largest hammocks on the market and includes free tree ropes so there is nothing else to buy.

Don't ever sleep on the hard ground again. Don't hassle with packing a tent and mattress. Rest in the trees in your Double-Extra hammock that fits into one hand.

Carry your hammock in the corner of your back pack. Ultra-lightweight and small but expands to 10'6" x 6'6"