Mini Bike Pump by Geared2U - Lifetime Guarantee

Be ready when cycling out on the roadway or trails by seeing to it that you have one of the top 5 bike add-ons with you, a mini bike pump.

You never ever want your trip to be cut short by a slow leaking tire or a flat!

The Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump by Geared2U is very light weight and compact to quickly fit in your pack or can easily mount to your bike frame with the frame mount attachment included.

Our pump is made from only top quality aluminum and expertly machined to make sure that your pump will be ready when you require it.

Most importantly you are entirely protected as the Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump comes with a Lifetime Money Back Guarantee or Complete Replacement!

Ensure your riding with complete protection and get your Pump Me Up! Mini Bike Pump today!

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