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Awesome Digital pH Meter Delivers Push Button Results

Prior to including a new device or gadget to your tool belt, it makes sense to look for something that will do the job quicker, much easier and better than any of your existing tools will already do that specific job. So recently when I went searching for a method to examine the pH level of our fish tank I desired something that would change those silly paper strips that never appear to match the color charts when I try to compare them.

My very first stop, as is common, was Amazon, and after entering in pH meter in their search bar, I found something that seemed to be precisely what I was searching for. The Risantec digital pH tester seemed to check off all of the boxes so I grabbed one. It said that it would provide precise readings with a simple push of a button.

After it arrived I found that it was all real, and realized that even the initial calibration of the meter was finished with a push of a button. I did not even have to fool around with a screwdriver or other device to adjust it. What a pleasure! Never ever has the job of inspecting the pH level ended up being so basic.

If any individual is as tired as I of having to use paper strips or mixing chemicals, this incredible digital pH meter is what you need to get. The accuracy and convenience of usage is just merely a winning mix that just can't be beat.


Digital pH Meter Water Tester

Get the Benefit Of One Touch Precise Readings

- Tired of fooling with paper strips and chemical solutions?
- Need more accuracy than trying to match color charts?
- Just want something that works?

The digital pH tester by Risantec resolves the issue!

- Specifically created to provide practical one touch precise readings
- Get the accuracy you are worthy of, with a tolerance of +/-. o5 pH with just a single touch of a button.
- Quickly obtain a reading with a resolution of.01 pH making those chemical solutions simply a far-off memory
- No more guessing trying to match color charts ... all with simply one hand.
- Even the calibration of our meter has actually been automated ... absolutely nothing to adjust.
- Simply follow the included action by action directions making use of the included buffer powders.

Exactly what's included?

- Your Digital pen design pH meter by Risantec (batteries included).
- Plainly composed meter operation, care and maintenance guide.
- Step by action guidelines for the initial calibration of your meter.
- Three buffer powder packs (one each 6.86 pH, 4.00 pH, and 9.18 pH) to assist in the car calibration.
- Strong plastic carrying case for securely carrying and saving your meter between usages.

Check this out at http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Meter-Tester-Aquarium-Hydroponics/dp/B012UMLMJS/digital pH meter/