Built-in Bluetooth Remote Shutter Selfie Stick

This Selfie Stick is truly built well. It is just so marvelous! It's so lightweight. It has an all inclusive telephone holder that fits my iPhone 6 impeccably. The phone holder additionally works extraordinary. I adore how I can take photos close up or further way. They provide you with all the tools needed! The nature of this item for the price is unbelievable!

It is so awesome staggering. It looks more fashion and smooth furthermore also it is very well made. I love that you can turn it on and off so you don't need to stress over the battery kicking the bucket constantly. . The button on the selfie stick is so easy to press which is a great deal superior to anything different ones I have utilized . This Selfie Stick is such a cool idea and it is so natural to ultilize. I would prescribe this Selfie Stick to everyone particularly for a blessing!



• Using Selfie Stick have a lot of fun!
• Don't want blur image taken by other!
• How to get everyone in the picture if you are with a group of friends?
• Want to share your latest experience.
• Your Phone is NOT Enough!
Introducing your Very New KenGadget Selfie Stick to the Rescue!
• Simply give you additional 41 inches distance
• Easy Setup : Turn On, Pair Bluetooth and Snap, that it!
• Compatible for most Smartphone : Android, IOS & Smartphone, iPhone 6, iPhone 6   plus, with extendable holder fits devices with 4-5.5 inch screen.
• Anti-Shake : Orange rubber pad to fix on the clip to improve stability• Built in Bluetooth Shutter : You can take pictures with only one hand.
• Aerial Shooting : The the adjustable holder allow you to take above - crowds shooting.
• Durable, Light Weight & Well Made• One of Time Magazine's 25 Best Inventions in 2014
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