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  • The Amazing Portable Charger Black Caballero from N7D. Power To You.

The Amazing Portable Charger Black Caballero from N7D. Power To You.

The Amazing External Battery Black Caballero from N7D. Power To You.

The N7D power bank keeps charged my tablet all the time and all over. Is very powerful and small enough to put it on a pocket, purse, backpack,… you name it! This is the greatest solution for people like me who needs to be always in online
This portable charger can charge my phone up to 5 times. It keeps its battery power at standby and every time I need it I just have to plug my phone with my own USB cable!
I recorded the complete U2 Life Concert with my iPhone without killing my battery!
If anyone reading is looking for a huge capacity and pocket size power bank, The Black Caballero is what you need. Perfect to go camping or for any outdoor activity… What is best, is equipped with the N7D Intelligent Technology:

• High Speed Charging - Double Port
• Intelligent Safety System: It prevents overcharge and over heating. It will not damage your device.
• Shock Proven: great for outdoorsy people!
• Is small, light and smooth designed. Charming!!!

The new Black Caballero Power Bank has the highest technology for the highest expectations.


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GREAT POWER for almost every gadget! N7D Black Caballero 13000mAh. For iPhone 6 almost 5 Charges; a Galaxy S6 almost 4 charges. Using your own charging cable!

N7D SMART TECHNOLOGY; excellent compatibility and efficiency with Apple and Android; when your device is fully charged, N7D will automatically shout down!

HIGH SPEED CHARGING TECHNOLOGY; Double USB port, N7D will charge your device in a few time! USB port 1 : 2.5A / USB port 2 : 2.1A

SAFE AND ULTRA RELIABLE grade A+ battery with overcharge and discharge security system. The N7D Black Caballero is equipped with the last generation chip technology that will keep safe your device from a short circuit or overcharge.
The Black Caballero give you over 500 battery charge cycles!

COMPACT & CHARMING; designed to last and be with you everywhere!