Awesome Kitchen Torch for Chefs and Homes

Proodoz Culinary Torch Introduces The Great Food Handler

If you are using a cooking torch in your home then surely you would be experiencing issues like slippery torch surfaces and its inability to provide risk free operation, scorched appliances and burnt fingers, fuel exhausting without a warning and your torch doesn't go well with the trendy look of your home.

Proodoz premium quality Culinary Torch is a quality alternative to your present model. It is simply the best product in its price range and a resolution to all your problems you are facing with your existing brand. The amazing product extremely presentable and would look great in any kitchen setting, a truly stylish tool which is equally amazing in its function and presentable. Proodoz culinary torch is manufactured with the great quality materials to last you a life time. Its user friendly design and types guarantee widespread customer satisfaction. With this amazing culinary tool, delicious foods and desserts are so easy to make. Professional quality demonstration is no more out of your reach. Experience quality cooking for life.

Very few commodities have the range and flexibility offered by Poodroz culinary torch. It is perfect for cooking jobs like melting cheese, caramelizing sugar, searing a roast|flaming a roast} or toasting a bread piece. You can even use it to start campfires, soldering, jewelry making and much more. Poodrooz culinary torch is furnished with PRESS-BUTTON Piezo Ignition, easy one hand operation, immediate high intensity flame (up to 2730 degrees). The perfectly safe Anti-Flare technology with Safety Lock makes it a perfectly safe tool to use. Safety Lock PLUS Anti-Flare Technology and Extended angled nozzle keeps the flame directed away and your fingers protected. Fuel Gauge window gives you a precise visual warning of fuel measure for easy refill. Butane gas is not originally included. A robust and durable thick duty metal body with flexible flame regulator gives you perfect freedom to resist the flame when creating your attractive, lovable, favorite foods and desserts. The Aluminum Body finish designs a soft grip for the ergonomically design with one pull trigger release.

The amazing product is offered in 3 year warranty with NO RISK/NO QUESTION ASKED 90-Day Money Back or Product Replacement Guarantee.


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