A Lovely Pear-shaped Stainless Steel French Coffee Press!

This French coffee press makes an excellent cup of coffee. The double stainless steel screen system makes sure that your coffee has no coffee grounds in it and all you get is the rich and robust flavor of perfectly brewed coffee. The pot is well developed and gorgeous and it is made of double wall stainless steel. Its exterior is polished well and its shape is unique and attractive. The inside is straight walled and it allows the press to get rid of the coffee grounds from your coffee. Stylish enough for guests and useful for anytime. It has all the advantages of a glass wall press with more advantages besides.

The most significant complaint about French press coffee is the stray grounds that have the tendency to end up in your cup. The SterlingPro has a double filter that looks after that problem. Coffee from this French press is rich, smooth, and ground totally free. Clean up is simple with a rinse and quick wash in the sink. The filter can be separated by unscrewing it at the base where the filter meets the wand.

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What Sort of Coffee Press Won The Hearts Of All Coffee Lovers?

The Most Reliable & Long lasting Coffee Press In The Market

- The very best stainless steel(18/10)interior and exterior- Won't rust and dishwasher safe.
- The first Double Screens System-- No more GROUNDS in your coffee
- Solid Packing-- No damaged gifts to your relative and pals.

100 % Guaranteed No Grounds coffee From SterlingPro

Exactly what is the worst coffee drinking experience? Coffee grounds in mouth! That is why SterlingPro introduces the innovated and unique Double Screens System which is the First one in coffee press market. By adding the 2nd screen, the primary screen will touch the glass wall more securely and evenly. At the very same time, the 2nd screen will certainly filter the small grounds which travel through the primary screen. No more grounds in your coffee by using Sterlingpro coffee press. You will certainly like it after using it. Your loved ones will certainly appreciate it and think of you gladly every time when they enjoy the coffee from your gifts-- SterlingPro coffee press.

2 Pieces BONUSStainless Steel Screens(Over $25 Value)--FREE !!

When you receive SterlingPro coffee press it will certainly be delivered in a strong packing and it comes with 2 pieces additional screen. You will certainly find they are over $25 value if you search on Amazon.
- The limited quantity for this valuable bonus. SterlingPro French coffee press is "Great as Wedding, House Warming, Retirement & Birthday Gifts for Coffee & Tea Lovers".

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