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Streamline Your Feeding Adventure with Baby Bibs from Happy Healthy Parent

I might seem a little too ecstatic about a feeding bib for babies, however you truly need to hear this. It is a great sensation to discover a great item, that is high quality and simple to use.

When our oldest youngster was little, all we had were those plastic-coated baby bibs. They had a cheap Velcro latch and a worthless, flat pocket. They got moldy after you cleaned them and never appeared dry and all set to use. It's difficult enough as a mom and dad without dealing with badly developed items.

I discovered this silicone bib on Amazon, which has exceptionally quick shipping and ensures customer satisfaction. I quickly put these charming baby bibs on my kids during mealtime and they remained on with the huge crumb catcher pocket all set to capture food and crumbs. And the best part was that it was so simple to clean! The bib is silicone, which is water-proof, so it is simple to clean off and have all set for the next dinner. However silicone is also BPA- and PVC-free meaning I do not have to fret about any nasty chemicals near my kids or their food. A nice surprise is that the bib fits my infant as well as my preschooler since they are soft and adjustable. Since this purchase came with two bibs, I like keeping one rolled up in my bag, so that I have it while away from the home. These baby bibs will last a long time too, so they will be ready to use dinner after dinner.

I was truly impressed with the amazing follow-up that I had with my purchase. They ensured that I got my order and gave me some fast directions on the best ways to use the bibs. I could not be more impressed with such a basic item.

If you have kids around, these are the bibs you require. You can purchase yours by clicking the link below to find out this yourself. When you do, let me know just how much you like them.


Is mealtime cleanup with your kids using you down? Do your children's clothing seem to have food spots all over them?

A great deal of bibs are made of cloth or have cloth-covered lines where food and drool soak right into the bib, so they continuously need to be washed or trashed if mildew sets in. Even worse, they do not have huge pockets that stay open to capture crumbs, or might not have pockets at all!

EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs from Happy Healthy Parent are the best bibs for lowering these headaches. Made with 100 % food grade silicone, our bibs will make your life easier when it is time to tidy up after meals.

Our silicone bibs are developed with a generous, stay-open pocket and are quickly cleaned!

Discover these additional features:

• Silicone is naturally water-proof and stain resistant, so it will not take in water or food.
• Rinse and Go - The majority of messes can be washed away with warm water.
• Dishwasher safe - If it is one of those unpleasant meals, the bibs can be cleaned on the upper rack.
• Soft, light-weight, and comfy
• Adjustable neckband
• Travel-friendly - These bibs roll up to contain the majority of the mess up until they can be cleaned.
• No BPA or PVC.

You will get our LIFETIME GUARANTEE since we are confident that you are going to like our EZ-Clean Silicone Bibs.

When you click the ADD to CART button at the top right of this page, mealtime will get a lot simpler!

We ask for forgiveness for the limited stocks of our bibs. If you see the green In Stock text above, please order today.

Find out more at amazon.com/Waterproof-Silicone-Comfortable-Cleaning-Toddlers/dp/B0155VV6TC/silicone bib/