A Great Alternative to Plastic

I have been concerned about using plastic cutlery in particular drink ware for a long time due to all the chemicals that can be found in plastic. So I decided to buy a stainless steel pack of cups. I had a look on amazon.co.uk and found what I was looking for.

"Greens Steel" was one of the first options that came up and they claimed they were of a better quality so we gave it a try. Plus they offered a lifetime guarantee so we felt there was nothing to loose.

They look and feel great, very strong and sturdy and seem like they will last a life time. They arrived in a pretty brown box and when I felt the quality and the finishing I was very happy.

My kids adore using them! And they are great for all the elders too. Guests always ask me about them and where I bought them from. Very happy with them :)


Premium quality 4 stack of stainless steel glasses
Made with premium Quality 18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel.

BPA -Free and Phthalate-free - Pure Steel!
Polished on the outside for a superior finish and glossy look.

Electropolished on the inside to ensure your cups remain rust-free!
Perfect for any occasion and great for the environment!
Made to last and Great for children - They won't be able to break these even if they tried!

Check this out at amazon.co.uk/Greens-Steel-Stainless-Stackable-Drinking/dp/B010FXR3S8/stainless steel cupS/