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Awesome, 1800 Lumen LED Headlamp For Hiking And Other Epic Adventures

A few days ago I stumbled upon this LED headlamp on amazon. I had been looking for a good light to use for biking, and also one that I could use for late night catfishing. The headlamp that I had been using was no good, and I had a hard time angling it just where I wanted it. On top of that it had the "floppy" problem that many headlamps suffer from. While biking it would flop up and down, and never stay where I put it.

So I decided to look for a headlamp at local outdoors stores, but I was horrified by the price to buy a really nice one. So I turned to amazon and The Focus Finder caught my eye. 1800 Lumens was so much brighter than the headlamp I had been using, and the focus feature was intriguing. Also the ability to tilt the lens and have it stay where I put it was something I was specifically looking for. What did it for me though were the batteries, charger and charge cord it came with. It had a set up just like what came with my cell phone. A USB charge cord, and a USB wall charger. This meant that I could use my existing USB accessories, such as my USB port in my car, or I could even charge it off of my computer.

Well, I picked it up, and it was a great decision. I used it at an all night catfishing extravaganza! It was so handy having a light that didn't tie up one of my hands while I was rigging up my rod. It also helped me out of a difficult situation where I was battling a fish and had to walk down the shoreline in the dark to get my line off of a submerged log! The headlamp saved the day! I was able to land the fish!

Setting the headlamp to power-saver mode was handy too, as I didn't need full brightness all the time and it allowed my headlamp to last all night long. And boy, let me tell you what, I needed it all night because I was really pulling in some killer fish!


Learn more about this at amazon.com/Flashlight-Earth-Excursionz-Waterproof-Rechargeable/dp/B00YSPTDXI/LED Headlamp/