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Original Stickman Selfiestick - Pocket Wireless - 20 to 80 cm in Black

If you are anything like me you want to take the best pictures possible, particularly when you are on a trip.

Utilizing a Selfiestick is an incredible approach to snap you and your family and friends without needing to ask a stranger and have that cumbersome wait. Have you ever envisioned a stranger running off with your prised phone after you hand it to them for a snap shot? It happens!

The Stickman Selfiestick is made with you in mind. It even works with my enormous note smartphone. It works great for iphone lovers!

The 2015 promotion will offer one free Stickman a month. If you send your photo in with your Amazon review and it is rated one of the best for that month you get yours for for nothing. We will refund you the purchase price!

The Stickman Selfiestickcomes with a 100% money back guarantee. So where in the world will your Stickman Selfiestick take a photo you?


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Where in the world will you take your Stickman Selfiestick photograph?
Be careful of cheaply made selfie sticks that break or do not pair properly. Don't trust your investment in a great cell phone to any stick. Stickman Selfiestick has you secured!

When you take the #1 Original Stickman Selfiestick from the box you can snap all of your best moments in style! We have the highest quality pocket Selfiestick available. Our Bluetooth pocket selfie stick is wireless and has a Built-In Remote Shutter| so you can click a shot right from the base. Look right into your camera and say "Stickman!" Use with small and large size cell phones. Your cell phone will be held in securely in place by the Gorilla Grip Clamp holder.

Our Stickman Selfiestick is anything but difficult to use and we placed the pairing and use instructions right on the back of the box. The adjustable holder makes it easy to shoot distinctive pictures. Choose from a variety of colors. The compact pocket size makes Stickman Selfiestick simple to to take anywhere. Place it in your pocket, satchel or rucksack. Comes with a convenient On-The-Go carrying cord.

Our nature of assembling and materials sets us over the rest. Here at burnAMsports we believe that you should receive the best quality!
Don't miss that perfect picture moment because you don't want to ask someone to take the shot for you. Have fun taking the best shots of your life and you are the photographer. Things being what they are, where in the world will you take your Stickman Selfiestick snap shots?

Guarantee: No questions asked money back assurance. We have your back! Because of the popularity of Stickman Selfiestick overall we may run out of stock. Find your Stickman Selfiestick on Amazon, Ebay and at stickmanselfiestick.com and get ready to capture some great! Enjoy and we thank you!